Almost Everything Spiritual Gurus Teach Today is a Product of Spiritual Practice

Almost Everything Spiritual Gurus Teach Today is a Product of Spiritual Practice

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

After studying spiritual books and listening to spiritual gurus for over five years, I noticed that it is difficult to live by spiritual concepts such as living in the present moment, feeling as if you already have what you want, and trusting the universe. I worried about the future despite knowing the importance of the aforementioned spiritual concepts. I then started practicing semen retention (sexual abstinence), which led to sobriety and meditation/deep breathing, and the spiritual concepts I’ve always tried to embrace came naturally.

Now, I rarely worry because I am always in the present moment. I also feel that I have whatever I want and I trust that everything will fall into place. I have gained this state of mind after 10 months of sexual abstinence (semen retention) and quitting weed for five weeks. I became obsessed with meditation/deep breathing after quitting weed and practicing sexual abstinence. I then realized that meditation, sexual abstinence, and sobriety led to inner peace, increased faith in the universe, and present-moment awareness.

I have, therefore, realized that trying to embody the teachings of spiritual masters such as Jesus, Mohammad, Rumi, Pythagoras, Hermes Trimestigus, and so on without embracing spiritual practice is a waste of time. Rising above the ego, finding inner peace, or accessing the akashic records while still drinking, smoking weed, or having sex with multiple partners is almost impossible. These habits open you up to attacks by earthbound spiritual entities, making it difficult for you to experience spiritual progress. They also make it challenging to embody spiritual teachings by keeping you in lower states of consciousness.

Spiritual practices, mainly fasting and celibacy, increase your life-force energy, allowing you to reach higher states of consciousness, resulting in a state of alignment with life’s flow that makes you trust life and attain inner peace. This impact allows you to see things clearly. You also become obsessed with releasing negative energy caused by resentment or the lack of forgiveness. Primarily, the effect of these spiritual practices enables you to understand the importance of righteousness, leading to an increased desire to embody a righteous life.

Therefore, although listening to spiritual gurus and reading enlightening spiritual teachings is a necessary aspect of the spiritual journey. The most important and fruitful element of the journey is embracing spiritual practices, particularly celibacy and fasting. These are the most effective practices because they allow you to rise above the animal state of consciousness, which mostly values food and sex. Avoiding intoxicants while practicing celibacy or fasting increases the impact of these spiritual practices: intoxicants drain your life force and weaken your auric boundaries, allowing negative influences to impede spiritual growth.

Follow my advice, and you’ll find yourself loving life regardless of what happens to you. You’ll feel euphoric and peaceful. Your present-moment awareness will improve, and you’ll start believing that life/the universe is always supporting you and wants the best for you. What your spiritual gurus teach you will come naturally.


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