How Semen Retention Speeds Up The Manifestation Process

How Semen Retention Speeds Up The Manifestation Process

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

I used to doubt the idea that semen retention speeds up the manifestation process but I later found out that it is true while practicing semen retention.

While retaining my seed, I manifested my deepest desire to live in a spacious house surrounded by nature, where I now raise dogs, pigeons, and sheep. I did not buy the house. It belongs to my parents but no one in my family, including me, was interested in it because it is located in a rural area.

On my 18th month of semen retention, unforeseen circumstances, particularly the loss of my job, forced me to consider living in the rural home. I felt disheartened about residing in a rural area. Yet, upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty, spaciousness, and the opportunity it provided to live my dream life of breeding dogs, pigeons, and sheep.

Some of my friends argue that this was a coincidence. I completely disagree with them because this major change in my life only happened while retaining, and besides this, I manifested many other things I love while retaining.

I believe semen retention speeds up the manifestation process and I can explain how it does so.

The manifestation of your desires is closely related to focus. The more you focus on your desires the quicker you manifest them. Semen retention enables you to effortlessly focus on your true desires because it frees your mind from women and sex.

When you have sex regularly, you mostly think about women. You think about how to attract them, where to find them, and how to keep them happy. You also continuously think about your last sexual experience and fantasize about your next sexual experience. In other words, thoughts about women and sex dominate your mind when you don’t retain your seed.

The manifestation of your desires requires either unconscious or conscious focused intention and energy towards them. When your thoughts are predominantly centered on sex and women, your mind lacks the clarity and focus needed to bring your desires to fruition. Your energy becomes scattered, weakening your ability to manifest your desires.

When you can’t stop thinking about women and sex, you direct most of your mental and emotional energy towards sex. This focused energy drain reduces the mental energy required for the manifestation of your desires. It’s like having a limited reservoir of energy, and when it’s primarily directed towards one aspect of your life, less energy becomes available for other areas you may wish to manifest.

Conversely, when you retain semen, you speed up the manifestation process because you create space in your mind and energy for focusing on your desires. In other words, you create a clear mental state that allows you to effortlessly focus your thoughts on your desires with minimal interference from sexual fantasies.

Moreover, practicing semen retention prevents the arising of strong emotions that accompany sexual longing and arousal, allowing emotional stability, which enables the mind to easily focus on your desires, resulting in faster manifestation.

You also manifest faster when you practice semen retention because you become vibrationally aligned with your desires. Your thoughts, emotions, and overall energy attain a harmonious state with what you want to manifest because you avoid feelings of frustration and inadequacy that usually arise when you are obsessed with sex and women.

Furthermore, semen retention enables you to conserve mental energy that could have been dissipated and misdirected in sexual thoughts. The conserved energy increases your thought power, speeding up the manifestation of your desires when coupled with the focused intention that emerges when you retain your seed.

To conclude, semen retention really speeds up the manifestation process. Try retaining for more than a year and you’ll manifest your desires faster. Don’t worry if bad things happen while retaining because they might be paving the way to the life you’ve always wanted.

I wish you the best on your manifestation journey.


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