I Just Realized 5 Great Sacrifices We Have to Make for Us to Be Filthy Rich

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Getting rich is hard. Besides having to work hard, persist, persevere, build discipline, and embrace patience, we have to make enormous sacrifices to increase our chances of getting rich.

While reading the biographies of self-made millionaires, I realized that none of them became successful without sacrificing something.

It also dawned on me that the more things we can sacrifice, the quicker we move towards financial success.

I pinpointed the main things we have to sacrifice for us to be rich.


Sleep is sweet, and most of us will sleep forever if given a chance. However, to achieve financial success, we must sacrifice sleep because the shorter we sleep, the more time we have for work.

When asked when he sleeps, 50 Cent (Net worth $15 Million) revealed that sleep is for poor people because he spends most of his time working.

Moreover, Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo), Donald Trump, and Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter) agree that part of their success is owed to sacrificing sleep.

2.Time with Friends

Secondly, for us to be filthy rich, we must sacrifice the time we spend with friends – especially unsupportive friends – because when we are with our friends, we do many things that won’t make us rich.

3.Social Status

The journey to wealth requires humility because sometimes we’ll have to live a modest lifestyle so that we invest a large percentage of our income in our businesses.  Besides this, we might be forced to do odd jobs for us to fund our projects. For this reason, we must never care about the social status since it can prevent us from embracing humility.

To be successful, you need to sacrifice who you are for who you need to be – Eric Thomas

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Entertainment wastes a lot of time.

For instance, we waste more than 2 hours on TV every day even though it provides zero benefits to us.

For us to be rich, we need to minimize the time we waste on entertainment and use a large part of our time to work on our projects.

5.A Relaxed State of Mind

Most of us wish to have a relaxed state of mind. We want to be free from anxiety and stress. However, if we’re going to get rich, we must sacrifice having a relaxed state of mind because the journey to wealth is stressful.

We’ll worry about making little progress and the lack of support. And we’ll also be stressed because most of the time, we’ll invest lots of money in projects that will fail. Besides this, we’ll meet obstacles that will stress us to the point of giving up.

Concluding Remarks

Getting rich is a tough job because besides hard work, it requires us to make sacrifices. Many people give up after realizing that they’ll have to make huge sacrifices for them to get rich. However, you and I are not many people. We are the next 1 percent because we have already decided to do whatever it takes.

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