Why The Illuminati Promotes sex addiction

Three Reasons Why The Illuminati Promotes Sex Addiction

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If you are an observant individual, you must have noticed an increasing sexualized imagery, themes, and narratives across mainstream entertainment platforms.

This saturation of sexual content serves not only to captivate audiences but is used by the ruling elite/Illuminati (the secret society controlling the world) to keep us hooked and distracted. Primarily, it is used to promote sex addiction.

After retaining my semen and studying the ruling elite for a while, I realized that they promote sex addiction because of three major reasons.

  • To Encourage Us to Waste Our Semen

The RULING elite know that semen is powerful and can transform us into supermen if retained. Specifically, they understand that semen retention raises our vibration, making it easy to attract what we want. They also know that semen – when retained – amplifies our masculine qualities, such as courage, risk-taking, assertiveness, and independence.

The RULING elite are aware that it is difficult to control the world if many men develop these qualities. They know that men who constantly waste their semen become physically, mentally, and spiritually weak, making it easier to control them.

  • To Prevent Access To Truth

After retaining for about six months, I realized that semen retention increases access to truth because I discovered two powerful truths. First, I realized that everything is solidified thought since everything originates from thought.

Second, I learned that divine grace, which many refer to as luck, destiny, blessings, or fate, is the secret to massive success. Qualities such as hard work, risk-taking, perseverance, and consistency do not guarantee success; they only increase its chances. You can only plant a seed, water it, and apply fertilizer, but you cannot control its growth.

I think semen retention enables access to truth by increasing mental clarity. Semen retention promotes clarity of thought by eliminating the emotional burden arising from thinking about your physical attributes, sexual performance, your ability to attract women, and many other thoughts associated with sex addiction. The ruling elite does not want us to think clearly because we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free.

  • To Prevent Us from Rising Beyond Animal Consciousness

They know that it would be impossible to maintain their dominance if we rise beyond animal consciousness by learning to control the main animalistic tendency, which is the need to have sex.

Rising beyond animal consciousness will result in major shifts in perception, understanding, and empathy, dissolving the illusion of separation. In such an awakened state, we will be less susceptible to manipulation or exploitation because we will operate from a place of inner wisdom and authenticity rather than from ego-driven desires or external influences.

The ruling elite understand that an awakened population is a threat because it will challenge the status quo and call for a more harmonious and equitable society founded on principles of love, compassion, and spiritual evolution. Thus, they need to suppress or control access to higher states of consciousness in order to maintain their power and privilege.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the ruling elite want us to ejaculate frequently so that they maintain control. For this reason, if you ejaculate unnecessarily, you’re essentially consenting to be controlled like sheep.

However, if you want to be the master of your destiny, you must break free from the compulsive sexual behavior forced upon you by learning to control sexual desire.


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