Take Action and Leave Nothing to God

Take Action and Leave Nothing to God

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

The biggest mistake religious/spiritual people make is leaving some things to God. They evade responsibility thinking that God will do some things for them. This could be a major reason why most of them are broke.

Leaving things to God encourages laziness. It prevents us from taking action, making us believe that God will do things on our behalf.

I have studied successful people and realized that they assume full responsibility for everything they desire. If they start a business, they leave nothing to God. They work hard to ensure success in all departments: marketing, planning, finance, etc.

Studying successful people made me realize that I have to embrace self-responsibility to enable progress in all areas of my life. If I want to rebuild a broken relationship with someone, I must talk to them instead of praying to God to bless our relationship. If I want to gain muscles, I must go to the gym and lift weights instead of praying to God to help me gain muscles. If I want to avoid diseases, I must eat healthily and exercise, rather than asking God to bless my health.

 Most of us fail or don’t experience progress in life because we pray too much and take little action. We believe embracing righteousness will encourage God to bless us with everything we want. We are unaware that we only get what we want when we work for it.

If we want to experience spiritual progress, we must commit to celibacy, meditation, fasting, and other spiritual practices that calm the mind and increase our energies. We must not pray to God to help us progress spiritually.

The idea of leaving everything to God came from religion.

Religion is a lie. A Big lie. It was brought by people who wanted us to be lazy and irresponsible. Religion tells us that God is a separate being who blesses us only if we do what he wants. It teaches us to pray for everything instead of working towards it.

Recently, I realized that God and us are one. The consciousness that is God is our consciousness. There is only one consciousness. There is no separation between God and us. The separation is only an illusion. We are all God experiencing itself in the physical universe. Therefore, we have all the power we need to get whatever we want.

When we pray to God, we are praying to ourselves. God is an extension of us. It is not a separate being that judges us and requires us to pray so that it gives us what we want. God is us, and we are God in physical form. We possess the power to achieve whatever we want. We should leave nothing to ‘God’ because we have everything we need to get whatever we want.

My father and I are one – Jesus Christ

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