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Three Powerful Secrets The Elite/illuminati Know That You Don’t



I love studying the world’s most powerful and richest families. Many people call them, The Illuminati, but I prefer calling them, The Elite. For years, I have wondered what makes them so powerful and rich that they are able to control the masses.

I intuitively knew that there are some secrets they know that most of us don’t. I researched these secrets, and I realized three of them after reading Yuval Harari’s book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Here are they:

  1. Knowledge is Power

I always doubted this phrase, but I finally agreed with it after realizing that besides capitalism, Europe managed to colonize the late modern world because it invested in knowledge. You can read Yuval Harari’s book to realize how knowledge helped Europe colonize almost every country in the world.

Anyway, the elite know that knowledge is power, and for this reason, they read and research a lot. They study the human mind and behavior, day and night, so that they know how to control us. They spend billions on researching into the human brain, psychology, and many other fields. These studies have enabled them to successfully use mind control techniques to trick us into doing exactly what they want.

So while you are partying or binge-watching your favorite TV Series, some folks are studying 24/7, and they will manage to rule you in the years to come.

  1. History is The Greatest Teacher

The elite know that history is the greatest teacher, and that’s why they conceal true history and ensure that false history is provided in schools to mislead us.

They spend millions on uncovering historical information that helps them gain more power and riches in the modern world. By studying history, they realize how powerful ancient societies or nations gained power and riches, and they apply their tactics in the modern world.

My desire to learn everything the elite learn from history forced me to study several history books from which I discovered valuable information essential for power, success, and intelligence.

I discovered that spirituality and religion are crucial for both individual and societal success as they played a great role in the making of the most powerful ancient leaders and empires. Furthermore, I learned that remarkable willpower was the main characteristic of the most powerful ancient people and societies.

Lastly, I also learned that ancient human beings were very intelligent because they knew how to connect with their instincts and intuition. Their instincts enabled them to recognize medicinal plants once they saw them. These folks used their instincts and intuition to understand the human body, the galaxies, and many other things that require us to use complex machines for us to understand how they work.

  1. We are guided by our belief systems

Our belief systems guide our actions. In his book, Yuval Harari explains how a modern man will take his wife on an expensive trip because he believes this trip is the best gift for a woman. But, an Ancient Egyptian man could have built a tomb for his wife as a gift because he believed a tomb is the best gift for a woman.

For these reasons, it is clear that our belief systems guide our actions. The elite know this truth, and they regularly use it to their advantage.

They establish belief systems that make us buy stuff from their companies. For instance, they make us believe that happiness is directly proportional to material possessions. The elite use celebrities to reinforce such beliefs, and we end up buying products that we don’t need because these belief systems guide our actions.

Concluding Remarks

We cannot spend our days complaining that there are a few people out there controlling and exploiting us while we are too lazy to study. These folks deserve their power and riches because ‘power and riches’ is what they look for 24/7. While you are partying and watching meaningless movies during your free time, these folks are reading, studying us, and looking for more ways to become richer and powerful.


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  1. Pinchez

    August 16, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    For sure the elite are so powerful due the knowledge they have invested from history to date

    • Isaac Wechuli

      August 17, 2018 at 5:10 am

      true pinchez….knowledge is what we should be looking for all our lives…knowledge is power

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