Relax. Life is a Temporary Experience

Relax: Life is Just a Temporary Experience

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One day, you and everyone you love will die. And beyond a small group of people for an extremely brief period of time, little of what you say or do will ever matter. This is the Uncomfortable Truth of life.’ – Mark Manson

Relax. Life is a temporary experience. You won’t last wherever you are forever. One day you will die. I promise you. And after your death, everything about you will be forgotten.

Eventually, no one will care whether you were short, tall, ugly, handsome, rich, poor, fat, or thin. People will mostly care about their physical and financial well-being. Some people will remember you and will always pray for you. But the sad thing is that they will also die. You (your body, experiences, character, and achievements) will vanish forever.

Your life is a temporary experience. An experience that allows you to navigate through physical reality for a while. An experience that allows you to test your divine power and marvel at our Creator’s creativity and intelligence. A bad experience if you are ignorant and a good one if wise.

Nevertheless, all these experiences will not really matter because they are temporary. They will be over in a minute: they will lose value once you die. 

Stop worrying about what you should do, should have done, will do, cannot do, because all these actions will not matter a billion years from now. Stop worrying about lacking temporary possessions that you won’t be able to possess after you die. Gather them, enjoy them, but don’t worry about them. Don’t be obsessed with them. Don’t attach your happiness to them. They are just allowing you to experience abundance in the physical dimension.

Stop approaching physical existence as something you will have forever.

Don’t hold onto grudges: all the people you hate will die and disappear forever. You can avoid them but don’t resent them. You will all die and whatever happened between you won’t matter. Birds will still fly, the rains will still fall, the sun will still rise and set, the stars will still shine, rivers will still flow as if nothing happened.

Let’s start approaching life as it is: a temporary experience. Let’s practice being aware that our deaths are around the corner. Let’s awaken to the fact that everything we see around us will eventually disappear. Let’s also remember that life is a gift. A chance to experience the mysterious and magical physical reality for a short time.

A chance – and maybe the last – to experience love, hate, sex, envy, shame, honor, pride, humility, victory, loss, miracles, success, prosperity, well-being, etc. You might never experience such things after your death. Therefore, experience them fully. Embrace them regardless of their nature, study them, try to understand what they are telling you.

Spend your time trying to know who you really are and what you can do in this existence. Don’t waste it. Even if reincarnation exists, you will be born in a different body. This is the first and last time you are experiencing life in the body you have right now. It will rot, decay, and disappear. It’s the first and maybe the last time you are experiencing reality with your family members and friends in a physical form. They will all disappear.

Value physical life, explore it, but don’t take it seriously. It’s maya: an illusion. A temporary experience. If life is good for you, enjoy it. If not, remind yourself that it will soon end. Stop living in your mind and experience life.

Peace Be With You

‘Your life on earth is but an episode of short duration in your existence.’ – In the Light Truth, Grail Message by Abdrushin

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